Uttarakhands Sabarmati-like riverfront project kicked off

Uttarakhands Sabarmati-like riverfront project kicked off

The Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) has kicked off its much anticipated 30-km-long riverfront project-on the lines of the Ahmadabad´s Sabarmati riverfront project-in Dehradun. The most interesting features of the project will be direct connectivity of Bindaal bridge with Rispana, rejuvenation of the river and rehabilitation of slum-dwellers. At present, it takes nearly half an hour to reach from one bridge to other. With this project in place, the commuting time would be reduced to half. As per the civic agency, 7-m-wide motorable roads and 3.5-m-wide walkways would be developed throughout the stretch. The development will also see multitude of modern pre-fabricated engineering works, green spaces and commercial sites.

The 30-km-stretch not only promises complete rejuvenation of the river but it also promises better connectivity and comprehensive resettlement plan for slum-dwellers residing on the upstream of rivers Rispana and Bindaal.

In the pilot phase of project, three structures will be raised at three different locations on Rispana and Bindaal. To ensure speedy completion of the project, MDDA has earmarked an encroachment-free area for initiating the project.

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