A Cheaper & Safer Alternative
A Cheaper & Safer Alternative

A Cheaper & Safer Alternative

FLSmidth offers a range of simpler equipment configurations to suit specific needs and budgets.
All material in a process flow must have an equal probability of being sampled. This is a basic principle in representative sampling, and should therefore always be seen as the ideal sampling concept.
There are no methods of analysis that can compensate for errors/bias in the sampling stages. Therefore, it is crucial to always ask yourself if the sampling method is adequate when investing in sophisticated analysis technology.
A run of mine/quarry ore stream - after primary/secondary crushing - on a conveyor belt will typically show high inhomogeneity in all three dimensions: along the length of the conveyor (L), across the conveyor (W) and in the depth of the material layer (D). In addition, particle size segregation may be distinct in the W and D dimensions. This puts high demands on the sampling, which is complex and will require multi-stage sampling towers with sample cutters, splitters, pulverize and sometimes drying equipment.
Representative sampling
In FLSmidth, we have a pragmatic approach to sampler design and we deliver well performing state-of-the-art sampling solutions for a range of different process applications. We do this with competent sampling theory combined with solid practical experience from different industries. Our sampling solutions are often fundamental for added services, such as fully automatic sample preparation & analysis as well as software solutions for process optimization, both regarding to quality and operation.
Impact Areas
Many cement plant laboratories are faced with increasingly higher requirements to sample throughput, complexity of analysis and quality of analysis. This is among other things a result of environmental requirements placing stricter control on cement production, both in terms of pollution and energy consumption.
Inconsistency and inaccurate analysis results contribute to laboratory errors, creating process fluctuations and disrupting productivity, equipment lifetime and especially product quality.
In addition to this, the current economic climate demands 24/7/365 cement plant operation, with as little staffing as possible.
Intelligent Cement Plant
  • Lowest energy usage
  • Lowest heat consumption
  • Optimal production
  • Lowest O&M Cost
  • Delivering value to the society
For exceptional quality and process control at all stages of cement production, the FLSmidth QCX system:
  • Automates sampling, sampling preparation and analysis
  • Provides safe, fast and reliable information
  • Ensuring correct, safe sample taking and preparation, all equipment is
  • Compliant with CE (H&S)
  • Integrates all cement quality-control activities in a single system
  • Incorporates in-depth understanding of the production process
  • Allows for any degree of cement production in the software design
Alternate ideology for radioactive online analysis
Prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) is a very widely applicable technique for determining the presence and amount of elements in raw materials for cement and mining. Every PGNAA has neutron source that emits harmful radiation, which is risk to life. Having on line analysers in plant appears below challenges like:
  • Heavy radiation emission of source is matter of hazard in site areas which require high safety and security to maintain safe zone
  • Heavy maintenance cost due to in case of
  • natural source the half-life of source is 2.6 years and in every 7.5 years, entire source needs replacement. In case of Neutron generators, limited life of neutron tubes need replacement in every 2-3 years
  • Maintaining and operating radioactive sources demands for frequent statutory formalities
Thought process
Auto sample transport, which will be more economical, accurate, safer and reliable way of analysing samples. Through auto sample transport system raw meal material, directly reach to receiving station where it proceed for further course of action. Like sample weighing, sample preparation
and further to analysis system, which can be
further upgraded to additional analysers like particle size analyser for which sample can be taken from cement mill.
Auto sample transport solution will exclude future requirement of online analyzers for cement plant in the raw mill.
FLSmidth QCX
QCX Robolab are usually associated with large-scale robot-driven cells. However, we offer a range of simpler equipment configurations to suit specific needs and budgets.
Advantages as compared to manual sample preparation:
  • Fast and consistent sample preparation improves cement quality
  • Consistent quality reduces fuel consumption in preheater and kiln
  • Saves the work of 1-2 persons per shift
  • Fast turnaround time from sampling to analysis: 7-10 minutes
  • Eliminates risk of repetitive strain injuries
  • Eliminates human errors (one closed circuit)
  • QCX/Manager Light: control and recipe management
  • Standard reports and trends: 100 day log horizon
  • QCX driver controls XRF: one interface to whole system
S. Sankaralingam and Abhishek Joshi, QCX Sales at  FLSmidth.

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