Airmerge- blender technology

Airmerge- blender technology

The ash marketing community expects value for its investments. Since the movement of fly ash within areas of ash beneficiation and distribution adds no specific value to the product, the material handling systems have to be of low capital cost, energy efficient, rugged and reliable.

Flsmidth´s systems and components have been field tested in harsh industries such as coal-fired power, cement and minerals processing, and were found to be reliable for such applications.

  • Blends various fly ashes for homogeneous chemistry, colour, etc.
  • Blends dry, pulverised free-flowing materials.
  • Gentle blending action with diffused fluidising air through porous membrane fabric for silos up to 2,800 cubic metres (100,000 cubic feet) in volume.
  • Fluidised silo bottom is split into quadrants that can be controlled with varying airflow intensities to achieve the blend required. Advantages
  • No moving parts, low maintenance.
  • No mechanical wearing parts, low noise.
  • Gentle blending action.
  • Storage and blending combined into one vessel.
  • Can be effectively used to overcome bridging or funnel flow when discharging silos..
  • Ash blender.

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