Blower selection must be done based on power consumption

Blower selection must be done based on power consumption

Thotupurath Thupran Ravindran, Chief Executive Officer, Indair

With the support of experts and rich experience of 36 years, Indair caters to the exact need of the clients all across the country. Indair is an independent designer and manufacturer of industrial fans and blowers over the last two decades and has a number of fans and blower in operation in India and few other countries. The fans and air pollution control equipment are mandatory elements in many industries to maintain a cool and hygienic environment. Other than this, they are also used as process equipment for pneumatic conveying, to derive by-products and product reclamation. Thotupurath Thupran Ravindran, Chief Executive Officer, Indair, talks about offerings from his company and some of the new developments in the field.

Tell us about the range of blowers that is offered by your company.
We offer both axial blowers and centrifugal blowers.

Axial fans

  • Volume range: 200000 CMH.
  • Pressure range: Up to 150 mm Wg.
  • HP range: 0.25 HP to 150 BHP.

Centrifugal fans

  • Volume range: Up to 350000 CMH.
  • Pressure range: Up to 1600 mm Wg.
  • HP range: 800 BHP.

Application range

We offer for any kind of application such as ventilation, humidification, pneumatic conveying, dust collection, dryers, etc.

What is the due process one should follow while selecting a blower?
Blower selection must be done based on power consumption. The design must match the application requirement. Going for lesser noise levels is a good idea. To select a right blower, the system must be studied by considering altitude, temperature and power source available. Volume and pressure required for the blower to operate successfully is the main criteria needed.

For a cement manufacturing unit following parameters must be looked at:

Size of the system

Location, temperature and humidity of the system.


Nature of the medium : cement.

What kind of testing and quality checks does your equipment go through during manufacturing?
Our quality checks include:

  • Run test upto 75 HP with DG sets.
  • Welding by MIG/MAG machines and TIG machines.
  • LP test for ARC welding.
  • Visual testing.
  • Hydraulic pulling for variable pitch axial fan blades.
  • Dynamic balancing for vibration free running.

What are the new developments in blower design and maintenance process?
Some of the new technologies are:

  • Advanced welding techniques to avoid distortions and HAZs.
  • Panel type construction [Fully detachable] making it easier to carry maintenance activity.
  • Jigs and fixtures for manufacturing.
  • Surface machining for leveling.
  • Going for higher size in shaft, fasteners for rugged operation and less requirement of maintenance.

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