Efficient way for stockpiling

Efficient way for stockpiling

Geodesic domes provide the most efficient shape for a stockpile enclosure since they are lightweight and can span large areas without intermediate supports. The most common dome shape is a segment of a sphere, but it is more economical to use varying radii of curvature for the meridian of the dome. The goal is to have the dome "hug" the clearance line of the stacker-reclaimer. This results in a smaller dome surface area and better clearance for vehicles around the perimeter.

Benefits of Geodesic domes from Geometrica:

  • Built with corrosion-resistant galvanized steel.
  • Packaged and shipped in small units that can be manually unloaded in remote locations with limited resources.
  • Assembled by local labour without special equipment. Assembly done while pile remains in operation.

Geodesic domes

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