igus' new guide trough system
igus' new guide trough system

igus' new guide trough system

With the guidelite plus, igus offers a tough, modular trough for applications in electroplating or fertilizer production.
The guidelite plus trough system from igus is now made of the new improved material igumid EG+. This ensures high chemical resistance, so that the use of the cost-effective guide trough is ideal for electroplating and fertilizer production. Thanks to its ultra-light, modular design, assembly is also greatly simplified.
Guidance systems made of metal have known weaknesses:
corrosion, complex assembly, high weight and cost. But there is another way. As early as 2015, igus developed the first e-chain guidelite plus from plastic, in order to offer a light, easy-to-assemble and cost-effective guide trough for energy chains on the market.
"This year, we have further improved the guidelite plus with a new, extremely chemical-resistant material for the guide trough and matching e-chains," explains Michael Blaß, authorised officer for energy chain systems at igus. "It has a new closing mechanism and flexible expansion joints that adapt to different ambient and temperature conditions." With the optimised guidance system made of the igumid EG+ tribo-material, an even lighter and safer alternative to stainless steel and aluminium guide troughs is now available.
igumid EG+:
The improved material with high chemical resistance
The major improvement of guidelite plus is the new material igumid EG+. It is characterised by a very low water absorption. This offers an increased resistance to aggressive chemicals such as those used in electroplating or fertilizer production. Expensive stainless steels such as V2A (304) or V4A, which are conventionally used, are no longer necessary. The igumid EG+ material can be used in a temperature range of 0°C to + 100°C with its clearly optimised sliding properties for the guide trough and also for most series of e-chains. It is halogen- and silicone-free as well as RoHS compliant and is easily recognisable by its blue colour. Combined with e-chains made of igumid EG+ and highly flexible chainflex cables with TPE outer jacket, the modular complete system is the ideal solution for long travels with low speed in these tough environments. Since both the e-chain and the trough in the complete system consist of the chemical-resistant material, they are very good gliding partners.
Improved assembly with new locking principle
The guidance system made of polymers is very light and can be installed very quickly. During a test installation by igus, fitters were able to install a 30-metre long trough in less than three minutes, thanks to the practical modular assembly method. The side plates are connected by manual clipping and locking without tools. The clamping mechanism specially designed for the system keeps it secure and robust. Modular in design, the guidelite plus EG can be individually adapted to the respective application and has therefore a universal use in practical terms. Thanks to the fast assembly, working time and costs can be significantly reduced.
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