Industries are working on a continuous basis to improve fan efficiency

Industries are working on a continuous basis to improve fan efficiency

Ajay Bhargava, Managing Director, SK Systems

Blowers play a critical role not just in process operations but also in maintaining a work-friendly environment in the factory. SK Systems is a renowned name in this field. The company has developed import substitutes for the various kinds of blowers in the industry and have special expertise in executing jobs and HVAC systems and evaporating air cooling systems for large industrial sheds on a turnkey basis. The company has in-house design and engineering capablities. Ajay Bhargava, Managing Director, SK Systems, talks about the quality assurance processes adopted and the products offered by the company.

What are the products manufactured by SK Systems?
SK Systems manufactures low, medium and high pressure blowers for a wide range of capacity and pressure requirements, for different applications in cement, steel and other industries. SK Systems also manufacturers single inlet single width and double inlet double width limit load type centrifugal blowers which are used in industrial evaporative air cooling and ventilation applications.

Tell us about your innovative / energy efficient products?
The backward curved fans manufactured by us offer high efficiency up to 80 per cent depending upon application requirements. However, for optimum power requirement, it is better to calculate the air capacity and pressure requirements of the system as accurate as possible.

Please tell us about your quality assurance systems.
We do following quality checks and testing on our equipments during manufacturing:

  • Raw materials used are of prime quality and as per the respective manufacturing specifications.
  • Various parts/components of the equipment are manufactured in correct sizes as per the respective manufacturing drawings.
  • The bearings, pulleys and V-belts are used of reputed make and genuine.
  • All the impellers are dynamically balanced.
  • All the components/ parts are suitably painted before final assembly and testing as per their respective requirements.
  • A run test is done for all the blowers before dispatch.
  • Performance testing of blowers is also done as per IS:4894 or AMCA 210 wherever required.

How does one select a right blower for an application?
The blowers are selected based on the application requirements which includes air capacity and static pressure requirements, temperature of exhaust air to be handled and the type and nature of dust/ fumes to be handled by them if applicable. In blowers, handling only slight traces of dust, radial bladed impellers are used, in blowers handling heavy dust, open type straight bladed impellers are used and in other applications backward curved impellers are used.

How has IT helped in the designing process?
Certain computer software has been recently developed abroad, which can design fans based on the specific requirements of the customers. Industries are working on a continuous basis for improving fan efficiency.Development of CFD is helping this industry tremendously.

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