Innovative solutions
Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions

Schwing Stetter India has more than 6,000 pumps operating throughout the length and breadth of India.
Schwing Stetter India is a pioneer in the manufacturing of ready-mix concrete equipment. They produce a wide range of concrete equipment like batching plants, concrete pumps, recycling plants and transit mixers. These equipment are used for various applications which include producing, placing and transporting of ready-mix concrete. The innovation of concrete pumps came into being to make the tedious process of carrying concrete for long distances or heights easily. Schwing Stetter India manufactures concrete pumps which have three main classifications, the stationary pumps, line pumps and the boom pumps.

Concrete pumps manufactured by Schwing Stetter India are designed with two valve technologies, the Flat Gate Valve (FGV) and the Rock Valve. The FGV was introduced in India to pump tough and rugged concrete. The rock valve is a patented technology by Schwing has been the favourite amongst customers ever since its introduction. When we further classify pumps depend on prime mover as electrically driven and diesel engine driven.

The concrete pump is a simple assembly of a pump kit with an engine or an electric motor, control block and the hopper. The pump kit constitutes two differential cylinders, two pumping cylinders, water box, and a hydraulic control block. The pump also has a hydraulic oil tank which is present in all the variants of the concrete pump. Every project has a particular requirement in terms of the height of placing concrete and the concrete output. Schwing Stetter India offers a wide range of pumps for small to large scale applications.The smallest in this fleet of pumps is the BP350 and SP1000 in the stationary pump series and the LP350 in the line pump series. A line pump is one which has the pump mounted onto a truck so that it has better manoeuvrability.

One can opt for a stationary pump if the pump is going to remain inside the premises of a particular site for a long duration of time. The different models of stationary pumps start from BP350 and go up to SP8800. This wide variety has been made available to offer solutions for any requirement in the market. The pumping technology is similar for all the pumps; it is the mobility, delivery of concrete from the pump and the output from the pump which differentiates the pumps. Larger the pump, larger the engine or motor driving it, which is because the hydraulic pump needs appropriate power to pump the appropriate volume of concrete. The line pumps have a wide range like the stationary pumps starting from the LP350 to the SPL1800 and all these pumps are mounted on to a truck chassis and are highly mobile pumps. They also score a point over the stationary pumps as they can carry with them all the pipelines and need not be towed.

The boom pumps are a different breed of concrete pumps. Unlike other stationary and line pumps, where the pipelines need to be laid well before pumping, the boom pump does not require this exercise. The boom is an assembly of pipelines with R, Z or R-Z folds which enables its 360 degree rotating capacity. The boom attachment makes pumping faster and easy. Schwing Stetter India has two types of boom pumps; the truck-mounted and the separate placing boom pumps. Each of these has its own applications. The separate placing booms are usually opted for high rise building projects, whereas the truck-mounted boom pumps can be used for all the applications and also have a reputation of providing faster completion.

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