Innovative stackers and reclaimers for reliable material handling
Innovative stackers and reclaimers for reliable material handling

Innovative stackers and reclaimers for reliable material handling

Our comprehensive choice of high-quality stackers and reclaimers for the cement industry fit your specifications ' giving you efficiency gains and reliable performance. Designed for heavy-duty work, our stacking and reclaiming systems are ideal for both pre-homogenisation and buffer storage of raw materials.

Stackers known for reliability
With over 1,000 storage installations around the world, our stackers have a proven reputation for delivering consistent results. We help you achieve maximum reliability by understanding the characteristics of your raw material and using these parameters to find the ideal solution. Based on your unique circumstances, we provide stackers that fit your needs regarding storage size, power calculations, belt conveyor design rules and more " giving you high performance and outstanding dependability.

FLSmidth has commissioned some of the largest stackers in the cement industry. We offer:

  • Matching kiln throughputs of up to 13,000 tpd.
  • Stockpile volume > 100,000 m
  • Capacity of up to 4,000 t/h.
    Our reclaimers, with their straightforward operation and dependable performance, facilitate the collection, handling, treatment and distribution of granular raw materials. We also offer specialised reclaimers for cement plants that want to recover difficult-to-handle materials including humid and abrasive matter.

    Longitudinal Bridge Scraper Store(LS+BS)& Circular Bridge Scraper Store (CBS)

    Setting the standard for stacking and reclaiming efficiency FLSmidth Circular and Longitudinal Bridge Scraper Stores, delivers state-of-the-art technology for expert handling and homogenizing dry to moderately sticky materials and meets your homogenisation, capacity and reliability needs.

    Expert blending and homogenisation
    The Bridge Scraper storage is the optimal choice to achieve required cement quality, due to its excellent blending performance. As a standard, the Bridge Scraper Store stacks piles to over 200 layers using the Chevron method ' ensuring the perfect blending effect, for both limestone and mixed materials.

    Comprehensive oversight

    FLSmidth stacker and reclaimers use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure easy control and oversight' whether they are operated locally or remotely. The user-friendly touch-screen interface makes it easy to operate, adjust, monitor and perform diagnostic tests.

    Design features
    Our well-designed stackers and reclaimers use to the latest technology to simplify your material handling.

  • Optimised inlet transfer point to reduce wear and dust, while delivering smooth material flow
  • Optimised stacking height reduces dust generation
  • Regenerative travel drive to ensure smooth running, independent of the direction and load
  • The well-thought-out design of our bridge scrapers incorporates many features that deliver optimal performance.
  • Industry-leading harrow design ensures optimal blending and extraction
  • Self-aligning travel system
  • Chain tensioning system and lubrication
  • Bucket Excavator Store (DB, BE)

    The Bucket Excavator Store sets a high bar for stacking and reclaiming FLSmidth Bucket Excavator Store exploits innovative technology for material handling and homogenising of sticky materials. With highly reliable and efficient stacking and reclaiming, our state-of-the-art Bucket Excavator Store has been built to match your needs for homogenisation, capacity and reliability.

    Exceptional homogenisation & blending performance
    The Bucket Excavator Store is a premium material handling solution that helps you achieve the desired cement quality, especially when handling abrasive and non-uniform raw materials. The Bucket Excavator Store stacks according to the windrow method, which results in precise blending for a range of materials, including limestone, clay and mixed materials.

    Features to prevent material build-up: The optimised inlet transfer points help to avoid material blockage in the Bucket Excavator Store, even with sticky materials. Further, the hinge point above the Bucket Excavator Store's pit ensures minimal material build-up on the walls.

    Simple and reliable bypass arrangement: The bypass system is fully integrated in the Bucket Excavator Store's control system, requiring no manual operation.

    Easy access for low-fuss maintenance and cleaning: The open design of the Bucket Excavator Store allows easy access for maintenance and bucket cleaning.

    Floating Pile: Floating Pile feature helps eliminate the empty space between two piles and benefits low footprint or higher productivity.

    Integrated electrical
    All our stackers and bridge scrapers include a fully pre-tested electrical package, ensuring fast installation and commissioning. The FLSmidth electrical package includes everything you need, facilitating a straightforward and quick interface between plant power and the control system.

    Benefits of our complete electrical package include:

  • Uncomplicated and easy-to-use operator and maintenance interface
  • Easy adjustments to operation parameters over the lifetime of the equipment
  • Operational performance parameters
  • Local and remote access
  • Dust-free and air-conditioned control cabin
  • QCX/Blend Expert ' Pile Control

    QCX/Blend Expert-Pile is a high-tech quality control system designed specifically for cement production. From the quarry to delivered cement, the QCX/BlendExpert suite of applications optimises your operation.

    Reliable material handling
    With a proven history of delivering a wide range of innovative, optimised equipment for material handling in the cement industry, we have all the stacking and reclaiming solutions you need. Our experience ensures efficient service and our large selection offers the best, most effective stacking and reclaiming systems for your cement operations.


  • High reliability delivers dependable operation
  • Outstanding handling of free-flowing and moderately sticky materials
  • Ideal for pre-homogenisation
  • Straightforward operation with state-of-the-art technology

  • Impressive ability to handle sticky materials
  • Meets your pre-homogenisation needs
  • Handles direct feeding, therefore removing the feed-bin
  • Reliable operation
  • Easy operation with advanced technology
  • ABOUT THE AUTHOR: J Raghuraman, Product Line Manager ' Material Handling FLSmidth.

    (Communication by the management of the company)

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