Minerals Sampling Systems

Minerals Sampling Systems

AnStat-230 is one of the latest offerings from Thermo Scientific for mineral sampling. It has a dedicated immersion probe analyser mounted onto the final tank of a representative, full-flow sampling station (SamStat-30). This integrated solution provides simultaneous analysis of up to 20 elements and per cent solids while providing shift composite samples suitable for metallurgical balance. Elements from Ca and higher in the periodic table are measured using the X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technique, a proven and robust technology for plant environments.

Available in a 2, 3 or 4 tank system, the AnStat-230 has been successfully installed in mineral processing plants around the globe, handling flows of up to 22,000 m3/hr.

  • Has the lowest head loss of any available integrated representative sampling and elemental analysis solution.
  • Eliminates sample transport and pumps.
  • Open design for ease of maintenance and monitoring.
  • Requires very little supervision. Options
  • Duplex version is available to measure two online streams separately.
  • Pebble screen to reject oversized particles in the first stage tank.
  • Outlet distributor to divide the slurry flow into two or more separate streams with variable flow volume percentages.
  • Reverse flow sampler for particle size analysis to provide the ideal sampling conditions for particle size analysis.

Mineral Sampling

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