Reducing Repeated Machine Stoppage

Reducing Repeated Machine Stoppage

Repeated problems observed in a machine can be reduced /eliminated by employing modernestablished maintenance system, RCA. Root cause analysis is a method used to identify theproblem and to address it. FEA is one of the methods used for such analysis.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has become commonplace in recent years, and is being extensively used in wide range of new engineering designs including in mobile phones and in aerospace industry. The usage is extended with surgical precision for failure analysis as well.

In FEA, exact virtual model of the machine element has been tested under practical conditions. Depending upon the test results, machine element can be modified for its best performance in practice.

We use FEA to carry out design review of kiln and components under extreme operating condition and for specific problems. The review and corrections ensures reliable and dependable operation under modified operating conditions.

We had successfully applied the analysis to establish kiln components reliability under increased kiln rpm, upgraded capacity, support roller shaft shearing / tyre breaking etc

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