Schneider Electric partners with Ramco Systems

Schneider Electric partners with Ramco Systems

Schneider Electric, a specialist of energy management in more than 100 countries, has entered into a strategic partnership with Ramco Systems, an enterprise software product company. The partnership will see Ramco´s software-OPTIMA-become an integral part of Schneider Electric´s solutions for the cement industry, and strategically help explore business opportunities.

With cement manufacturers focusing their efforts on reducing emissions and energy consumption, improving overall performance and managing consistent product quality grade, plant operators are looking for solutions that stabilise the production process and maintain the optimal operation point for minimal effect on the environment. Schneider Electric´s strategic partnership with Ramco will deliver products for optimisation of kiln and mill operations, to its cement customers. The solution will support increased production volumes, promote the ease and uptake of alternative fuels and support human operators to make the best decisions for changing operating conditions.

Diego Areces, Mining, Minerals and Metals Solution President, Schneider Electric, said, ´Schneider Electric´s solutions for the cement industry focuses on two key areas: maximising production and quality across the supply chain, and minimising their energy consumption and emissions. By integrating Ramco´s optimisation offering, we can provide our customers with a complete solution, which supports their complex operational challenges.´

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