Silo Cleaning: Safely and effectively
Silo Cleaning: Safely and effectively

Silo Cleaning: Safely and effectively

AES offers silo cleaning and silo cleaning equipment. The company also offers products from leading global companies: Wear Protection Engineering GmbH, SMD Fördertechnik - Germany, Plakon Ingenieurbnro, Cardox International UK, etc, along with kiln alignment and repair services with a group of approved channel partners.

Silo cleaning services
Silos are used in cement industry for storage of clinker, cement, gypsum, slag, ash, etc. Accumulation of material inside the silo due to hydroscopic nature and these materials get deposited on the sides of the walls of the silo and bottom, reduces the capacity and utility. Thus, it is necessary to clean the silos on a periodical basis. Safety is the top priority as of today for all plants.

The cleaning process of through combination of silo whipping and Cardox system is used for cleaning the silo removing the need of human entry for the purpose is safe most efficient, reliable and cost-effective procedure.

Silo Whipping
The Silo Whipper offers a safe and fast solution for maintaining clean operating conditions in silos, bins and hoppers. This system eliminates the need to enter potentially dangerous or confined spaces for bulk storage, thus eliminating accidents. Whipping System is a mechanical cleaning system powered by hydraulics. The Silo Whipper can be manoeuvred to reach and clean head by simple controls. The whipping head is lowered inside the silo, but operated remotely from the silo top. The Silo Whipper efficiently clears build-up using an hydraulic whip. It is effective to remove unwanted build ups.

Cardox System
Based on liquid CO2 system, Cardox system is used for clearing build up and blockages. The Cardox system is designed to break or aerate materials by discharging carbon dioxide at high pressure into the material. In order to operate the system in any material, a range of tubes are available, in turn, these have a range of discharge pressures. The combinations of various tubes, discharge pressures and chemical energisers (heaters) allow different discharge characteristics. This gives flexibility to the user and a particular installation is not confined to a particular application.

Cardox is used on preheaters, cyclones, feed pipes, cooler area, rotary kiln, raw meal mill, silos, hopper and bins. The same Cardox tube can be used in all the above-mentioned areas for clearing build-ups. Cardox operates without having to stop the kiln.

Kiln repair works include: changing bearings, rollers, installing or reversing gears, filler bar work by re-shimming tyres, changing shell sections, installing, alignment works, grinding and resurfacing. Comprehensive hot kiln alignment ensures that rotary kilns are able to achieve maximum efficiency throughout their service lives and help customers avoid unforeseen breakdowns. AES can provide services under Annual Maintenance Contract to cement plants worldwide.

(Communication by the management of the company)
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