Success through productivity
Success through productivity

Success through productivity

Compact, efficient & cost effective solution for small cement terminals.

How to fit in a compact cement dispatch terminal on a limited plot of land? That was the difficult challenge for one of our cement production customers in South India. The main issue was that the available area was limited, so there would be only a few parking slots for trucks waiting to be loaded with bagged or bulk cement. An efficient solution had to be found to maximize the output of the plant, in terms of dispatching capacity. Moreover, a wide range of trucks had to be accommodated; flexibility was therefore not an option. To solve these problems, our customers decided to work with FLSmidth Ventomatic® as the EP supplier. The first task was to efficiently supply cement to the terminal and store it.

The solution designed jointly with the customer's engineers is a pneumatic transport system which fills no. 4 x 6000 MT Ventomatic® flat bottom silo from the jetty (self-unloading vessels). The vessel can unload the cement without external equipment with capacity up to 600 tph. The second challenge was to offer very fast and flexible dispatching solution for both bulk and bagged cement in spite of truck or bulker movement limitation in the plant layout Ventomatic® packing and dispatching solution includes:

Bagging plant
Two 8-spout GIROMAT® EVO V8 high efficiency rotary packers with vertical axis impeller; one equipped with INFILROT® BU automatic bag applicator for glued valve bags and the other with INFILROT® BU/SB for HDPE stitched non-laminated bags. Ventomatic® state of the art equipment:
GIROMAT® EVO packer in terms of performances, advanced electronic controls together with easy and cost effective maintenance.
INFILROT® bag applicator for the technical solution (mechanical arm and bag clamp) and control technology (IPC and HMI operator panels).

Loading plant
The full bags are loaded with no. 2 CARICATECH™¢ automatic truck loaders, an innovative concept specially developed to match with the peculiar Indian market requirements.

While keeping the traditional loading from the top of the trucks, the CARICATECH design is based on a special fork for the handling of bag layers.

The main features are:

  • The highest capacity available on the market (up to 3,300 bags per hour)
  • Handling of different bag type and size with automatic adjustment in actual time
  • Different loading pattern configuration selected according to truck and full bag dimensions
  • Complete remote control with cameras and monitors to supervise the loading process and to grant safety working conditions of the operators
  • Reduced wearing and maintenance time and costs
  • Easy access for maintenance

FLSmidth not only provide equipment but productivity solutions. Efficiency, enhanced customer service and productivity are key factors in an increasing competitive market. Our customer achieved their targets leveraging these solutions.

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