The industry has been very positive on innovations

The industry has been very positive on innovations

A team from Supreme Nonwoven Industries, comprising
Manoj KM (Head-Sales & Marketing, Nonwovens), Ajit Ketkar (Head-Technical Services, Filter Bags Division) and Sachin Deshpande (GM-Sales and Marketing, Filter Bags Division)
speaks on the use of nonwoven products for emission control.

Why are nonwoven filter bags being increasingly favoured over woven ones over the past three decades?
Weaving is the very common method of making fabrics, and it has been used since ages to make fabric materials. A woven fabric is composed of two sets of yarns. One set of yarns, the warp, runs along the length of the fabric. The other set of yarns the weft, is perpendicular to the warp. Woven fabrics are held together by weaving the warp and the weft yarns over and under each other. Such fabric has through openings/pores at a defined pattern.

Nonwovens are unique, high-tech, engineered fabrics made from fibres and are used across a wide range of applications and products. Nonwovens are innovative, versatile and indispensable. Nonwoven fabric is made by entangling one or more types of fibre through one of the many technologies (needle punching, thermal bonding, chemical bonding) followed by a calendering process. Its properties can then be enhanced through various chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatments. The non-uniform, homogeneous mixing of fibres results in better filtration properties against woven media. The strength of Supreme lies in supplying nonwoven filter solutions to various segments of industries.

Supreme´s product ranges of nonwoven filter bags, have been in use for several years in India.

Tell us something about the innovative product you have introduced for the cement industry.
The stringent pollution norms are posing a lot of challenges to most of the industries. PTFE membrane laminated nonwovens was the only solution for achieving lower emissions with controlled differential pressure. Supreme Nonwovens innovated a technology that is popularly known as ´ULTRAtack´ for filter bags. The filtering surface of the ´ULTRAtack´ Filter Media prevents penetration of fine particles into the substrate. When cleaned, nearly all dust is removed from the surface. This allows ´ULTRAtack´ Filter Media to increase airflow without compromising bag house differential pressure.

Another innovative offering from Supreme is the design of a new filter media using P-84 and its blends with other fibres. This unique design of the filter media has helped improve the performance of filter bags in raw mill and kiln bag houses. The new media has outperformed conventional filter bags made with fibre glass (and membrane) media.

What has been the approach of the cement industry towards your innovative products in the field of filters?
The industry has been very positive on innovations. Plant people are eager to know about the new developments. Any product which is giving better results for emission control receives good response from the industry. This was not the case earlier. We have a dedicated team for providing regular technical services to the plants. Our team regularly interacts and shares feedback over the filtering systems. With this, overall awareness of the subject is continuously increasing. Today, during plant visits, we find very positive approach and acceptance for our services and products. The change of mindset is remarkable and welcomed.

What about the approach of plant personnel regarding training?
We realise today that top managements make a point to meet us during plant visits. They are keen to know how emission-related systems are performing and convey the seriousness of the problems they are facing. Due to increased awareness, the operating teams are always eager to understand new developments and how they can adopt them for improving performance. For our technical sessions, the number of participants has started growing. The plant management is ready for comprehensive solutions rather than piecemeal solutions which is a remarkable change. On the subject of emission norms, the industry is quite serious.

Supreme Nonwoven Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the important players in the field of providing filter material to various industrial segments. Supreme´s customers include leading names from the cement, iron & steel, non-ferrous metals, power and other manufacturing industries like chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Supreme is an Indian manufacturing house using indigenously developed technology, living up to the true spirit of ´Make in India.´

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