The industry now demands technologically advanced solutions

The industry now demands technologically advanced solutions

Rajendra Yadav, Managing Director, Gulmohar Filtech

The cement industry has evolved to become more energy- efficient and environmentally conscious. The needs and demands too, have evolved with the sector. Gulmohar Filtech has adapted to these changes to meet these needs. Rajendra Yadav, Managing Director, Gulmohar Filtech talks about the product range developed and the quality control processes followed to stay on top.

What are the main products offered by your company?
We offer a range of products for the cement industry. Our product range includes, pulse jet bag house, reverse air bag house, id fan, high efficiency cyclones, filter bags, cages, collecting electrodes and discharge electrodes.

Where are your manufacturing facilities located? How much is your annual production capacity?
Our manufacturing unit is at Indore, Madhya Pradesh. We can produce 50 PJBH, 100,000 filter bags and 75,000 cages p.a.

Have you launched any new products lately?
We recently launched a pulse jet bag filter that has an operating pressure drop lower than 100 mm wg and outlet emissions less than 10 mg/Nm3.

Name some of your landmark projects/ important clients.
We have supplied cages for export projects of Boldrochhi Ecologia India, boiler bag filters for Adani Wilmar, filter bags to Shree Cement and done environmental improvement consultancy in coal handling plant at Aditya Cement. These are only some of our top clients.

What are the quality control systems you have adopted?
We are an ISO9001:2008 certified company. The certification is a testimony to the quality process adopted by us. Incoming materials are checked to standards and complete traceability is ensured. Over the past year, the world as we know it has changed. It is no longer business as usual. We're all taking a closer look at our business practices to find inefficiencies, identify areas for savings, and make sure we're building on our strengths. Just because we've always done it that way doesn't mean we can afford to continue like that.

Is there a trend change in the type of equipment demanded by the industry?
The cement industry has become stringent in outlet emissions guarantees and also is taking measures to ensure energy efficiency at all levels. They are demanding emissions lower than 25 mg/Nm3 and insisting on lower operating pressure drops. The industry now demands for technologically advanced solutions.

How did the industry perform in the year last and what are your projections for the current year?
The growth was stagnant last year ; however, we have ambitious projections for the current year. We hope to triple our turnover this year as compared to last year.

How do you view the competition from Chinese equipment manufactures in India?
There was competition but poor product performance has removed it completely. Strong after sales support and good performance has put us above the Chinese companies in the APC sector.


"Pulse Jet Bagfilter installed by Gulmohar Filtech for our 5TPH coal fired boiler flue gas filtration is working satisfactorily since the last year and we have virtually zero emissions. In fact, Gulmohar has also retrofitted a bag filter supplied by another manufacturer for 8TPH boiler which is also working very well for the last six months. We are satisfied with their product quality and services." Mahendra Singh Tomar, Adani Wilmar, Vidisha

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