User-friendly tools for 3D modelling
User-friendly tools for 3D modelling

User-friendly tools for 3D modelling

Bentley´s ProConcrete advanced 3D CAD software is best suited for modelling, detailing and scheduling for reinforced in situ/precast and post-tensioned concrete structures.

ProConcrete V8i is simple and easy-to-use tools for advanced 3D modelling of reinforced concrete structures producing automated design and detail drawings and rebar schedules. It enables engineers to reduce the documentation production time and assist them in eliminating errors and design flaws.

Increased productivity and quality
ProConcrete V8i allows engineers to model reinforced concrete easily with parametric tools for the creation of almost any concrete structure and provides real time 3D visualisation. Modelling the structure becomes quick and easy, as well as producing automated drawing documentation of reinforced structures from any plane. Revisions to one´s documentation are automatically updated when modifying the project. A full bill of materials and reinforcement schedules can also be easily extracted, providing readily available valuable information for project costing and estimation. The reinforcing schedules and the bill of materials are all easy to extract from the 3D model, reducing the time to produce documentation by up to 50 per cent when compared to current methods used. Bentley´s intuitive and integrated multi-material modeller is perfectly suited to layout complex structures, produce design drawings, detail pre-cast drawings and bar bending schedules with the click of a mouse. Users are also able to assemble their bar bending layouts and manage the bill of materials. ProConcrete V8i not only enables engineers to reduce the documentation production time, but also virtually eliminates errors and design flaws.

Interoperability and open format provides flexibility
Using ProConcrete V8i with Bentley´s ProSteel V8i enables engineers to design and document composite structures. ProSteel V8i is an innovative 3D modelling environment for structural steel and metal work supporting construction and planning tasks. The combination of these two products is also available under the ProStructures product suite. Database driven and easy to edit tables using Microsoft Excel or Access, ProConcrete V8i is standards based, all bar bending, laps, development length, values are based on regional codes. There are standard profiles provided but user-defined profiles may also be created and drawing styles can be driven by user templates. A variety of structures can be easily created such as commercial, residential, industrial, stadiums, civil works, retaining walls, culverts and bridges. ProConcrete V8i is compatible with the MicroStation« V8i or AutoCAD-based platform, with total integration and intelligence able to be ported between the two. ProConcrete V8i has the ability to import and export from the AutoCAD environment to MicroStation V8i and back through its intelligent file format. This allows for seamless collaboration with one´s business partners.

Using ProConcrete V8i allows for integration within a single environ¡ment with other disciplines on the customer´s team. This can include architectural, steel, plant and process, HVAC and services.

Developed by engineers with expertise
From initial planning and design to assembly, ProConcrete V8i is comprehensive software built by engineers experienced with concrete design. That expertise in building codes, construction techniques, materials and the design process is embodied in the programme; careful consideration has been given to the needs of the engineer in the design of concrete structures and in the execution of a design project. Bentley provides multiple cages in elements and multiple hinge zones for beams. Its many years of experience in the field of AutoCAD development and the close contact with its users has contributed to ProConcrete V8i becoming an internationally recognized and important application for 3D concrete design and rebar scheduling.

System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV-based PC/workstation
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 7x64 support
  • Memory: 1gb RAM (Windows XP SP2), 2 GB RAM (Windows Vista, Windows 64-bit), 4gb RAM (Windows 7 and Windows 7x64 support)
  • Hard Disk: 2gb minimum free disk space
  • Input Device: Mouse
  • Video Card: 512 mb Video Card

ProConcrete V8i at a glance

  • Easy to learn
  • Parametric concrete detailing and modelling
  • Fast modifications by direct update in 3D/2D
  • Data collaboration
  • Clash detection
  • Stairs/beam/columns/ramps and folds
  • Dialogue boxes with clear auxiliary dialogues
  • Rollover mechanism
  • International rebar libraries with preference series
  • Rebar modification tools - template styles
  • Special shapes with database connections
  • Modification in 3D
  • Extensive block management
  • Creation of parts lists from the model
  • Cut lists
  • Output of part lists in many file formats such as PDF, RTF, HTML
  • Drawings parts lists in 2D drawings
  • Automatic generation of all 2D drawings for costing and production
  • Intelligent dimensioning
  • Single sheet output or multiple details per sheet
  • Project drawing manager
  • Programming interface (COM/VBA) for user-defined applications

Firm Type

  • Structural engineering firms
  • Multi-discipline E/A and A/E firms
  • Government agencies

Firm Size

  • Sole proprietor structural engineers
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Large multinational firms

Who Uses ProConcrete V8i

  • Structural/civil engineers
  • Plant engineers
  • Fabricators
  • Detailers
  • Architects
  • Educators

Firms of All Types

  • Structural/civil engineering firms
  • Plant industry
  • Construction companies
  • Architects
  • Universities
  • Structural consultants
  • Firms of all sizes
  • Small to large size companies
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