Waste Heat Recovery

Waste Heat Recovery

The Kalina Cycle- technology is an attractive alternative to conventional solutions for conversion of heat to electrical power. It is ideally suited to the waste gas streams of the pre-heater and clinker cooler vent in a cement plant. It is a unique waste heat recovery system that utilises a binary working fluid of ammonia and water. This mixture is controlled to achieve improved heat transfer and higher efficiency. The result of the patented ammonia water process of the Kalina Cycle is higher annual kWh power generation for a given heat source.

Inherent flexibility
The Kalina Cycle technology is very flexible in terms of size and can usually cover the full range of the requirements found within the cement industry. It is the only dual working fluid system and the ability to change the concentration of ammonia and water allows the cycle to accommodate and optimise for a wide range of heat and mass flow scenarios. Contrary to other technologies, plant operation can be optimized for changing weather or heat source conditions, which ensures higher yearly power production.


  • Greatest annual kWh power generation from a fixed heat source - higher than steam and ORC under most conditions found in the cement kiln process.
  • Flexible power output: High turndown ratio and fast response to changes in heat source temperature or flow.
  • This reduces the overall water consumption of the system.

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