We were the first company to bring TDLAS technology to Indian cement industry
We were the first company to bring TDLAS technology to Indian cement industry

We were the first company to bring TDLAS technology to Indian cement industry

Abhijit Chatterjee
, Managing Director & CEO, Adage Ltd

Abhijit Chatterjee, Managing Director & CEO, Adage Ltd, explains on the online measurement of dust and gases through´laser-based analysers´. Excerpts from the interview...

How do you assess the importance and scope for process analytics in cement manufacturing?
Gas analytics is an extremely important and relevant part within the overall automation domain for Cement Manufacturing Process. The measurements are done for:

Process monitoring, product quality and for energy saving by optimisation. Safety monitoring for reducing the risks of fires in the coal silo and coal mill and of explosion in the bag filters/ESP. Emission monitoring for polluting gases and online data reporting and taking necessary actions are as per the requirements of regulatory boards.

What are the major measurement requirements and challenges, specially in areas such as kiln inlet measurements and CEMS? Brief us on some of the solutions offered by you.
The kiln inlet measurement of gases like CO, NO and O2 has been a major challenge for the industry. The kiln inlet gas analyser measuring probe is exposed to a temperature of around 1,400oC and the dust concentration can be up to 2,000 g/cu m. The advanced kiln analytical solution (Advanced KAS) from Adage has been designed. The system design addressed the major questions faced by the users of kiln inlet gas analyser system in cement plants across the world. The design is field proven for around seven years.

What are the technology trends in gas analytics and its applica¡tion in cement industry?
One of the most interesting technical evolution has been the introduction of tunable diode laser analysers (TDLAS). They are fast, accurate and maintenance-free, particularly where faster response is the key. For example, in coal silos, coal mills and bag house, etc, the laser analyser can offer greater advantages over the conventional analyser technology. Incidentally, we were the first company to bring TDLAS technology to an Indian cement plant.

What is your view on the user profile and maintenance team of gas analysers?
Excellent and knowledgeable are two words which comes to my mind. When we entered the industry many years earlier with erstwhile manufacturing knowhow, we invested in listening to their ideas and collaborated with the users. The solution which came out as a result is one of the best in the world and presently installed world over.

Laser-based Analysers
In the automation domain, Adage is into a specialised sub-domain called gas analytics. It is a part of process automation and an important component for cement plant - in particular, for process optimisation, quality of cement, fuel/energy saving and also for emission monitoring. The first to offer ´Laser-based Analysers´ to the Indian cement industry, Adage is a recipient of President of India Award.

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